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Nicknames for the Orange Traitor-in-Chief

https://www.findnicknames.com/nicknames-for-donald-trump/ I personally like the nicknames some of the commentators came up with: SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of The United States) and Dolt .45 Here is a compilation of the funniest Donald Trump nicknames: 70-Year-Old Toddler: Given by Charles M.…

Bad Books: Y and Z

And we're down to Y and Z in the Bad Books series. I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have. Thank you for joining me - and please give me a hint if you see titles worthy of the Bad Book label! (While I have been posting this series, new Bad Books have been added to my catalogue…

Bad Books: W, part 3

Back again from hiatus and rapidly approaching the end: it's the Bad Books series! I have just two posts worth in my folder after this, but I think it'll be a strong inning. Enjoy, if you have the stomach for it!

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