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Almost Autumn Asks

🍁 What is your favorite Autumn hobby? (Or one you’d like to have) Girls dressed in sexy Halloween costumes, Me dressed like The Devil, each partaking in the delights of the flesh! Halloween Orgy! 🍺What is your favorite fall drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic) Hallownog! Perhaps with a bit…


ATAN'S D IARY Xianity is a religion of weaklings and cowards! Who necessitate a so-called "sheepherder" to take "care" of them! Wishful thinking! Empty promises, being cannibalized themselves to make such weaklings into slaves! "Salvation" is a scam! Parasitic Evangelicals enjoying…

Columbine questionnaire

In the wake of the Texashooting, is this questionnaire with aacompanying illustration by Columbine killer Eric Harris. 1. Full name: Draconis Blackthorne. 2. Nicknames: Satan, Drac, Monster, Undertaker, Man from down under. 3. Birthplace: Vanuys, CA. 4. Birthday: 2/1/∞ 5. Where Do You Live…

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