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It worked!

*I watered part of my front lawn so I could get the trees today. Tonight, rain, rain, rain! lol *Happy because Paramount channel played(is playing) a Friday the 13th marathon most of the day. Since Syfy stopped playing monster movies on Saturdays there hasn't been much good on Saturday nights.…

Dorset Heavy Horse Centre

Breakfast time for Buddy the Clydesdale, at the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre. Yesterday, a visit to the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre, near Verwood, which is now open to the public again, (though, due to the pandemic, visitor numbers are limited, and it's necessary to book in advance). It wasn't…

Gasp! A post!

My problem is that I have things to say, but by the time I get to the computer I am just too tired/too wrapped up in a story/etc to write it down. *sigh* I will continue to do my best. A few things. *Moose, my well-built siamese will let me only have so long in the bathroom. If I go past his…

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