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It's that time of year again

This part of the year is my favourite. I just love the weeks before Christmas, the entire vibe, the music, the movies, everything. I don't care much for the cold, but everything else is just something I love and cherish. I can't wait for the holiday to start, which is now 1,5 week away. It means…

This time of year...I love it so!

I am no winter person at all, mostly because of the cold. My body can't really deal with it well. But...I love this time of year: the christmas lights, the days that get darker and quieter etc...etc...I listen to all sorts of relaxing winter/christmas music, am surrounded by candles and just love…


Had a drink somewhere today. Sat next to the window, with a book. Sun was shining most of the time. I think I was there for a good 1,5 hours. Just reading, sipping from my drink, and often watch people below and outside go by. It's moments like those I cherish so much. Tiny, little and simple…

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