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everything dies, even if some things are harder to kill than others

I stayed up late but there was no urgent reason to get out of bed so I silenced the alarm and rolled back over this morning. Had some weird vivid dreams but as always couldn't recall details once upright. Not sure of the cause, but I woke with back pain and a headache, so I'm taking it easy this…

I don't get to church much these days, because there's no omelet bar

It's finally Friday, and I'm damn happy about that. Also, about the long weekend in the offing. I've no actual plans, but an extra day in which to do damn-all sounds good to me. poisontaster sent a postcard of my verimost favourite automobile in the world! It's a vintage sepia shot of a New…

is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard ... it's for sale

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all - hope it's a day filled with good company and fun (and maybe some sweets). And that means tomorrow is Half-Price Chocolate Day, one of the best holidays on the calendar (and aren't we lucky it occurs several times a year?) Also, Happy Birthday to my state -…

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