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I'm doing Science and I'm still alive

This article is a couple days old, but things are still relatively calm in downtown Portland after the Feds were pulled out. As Federal Police Withdraw, Portland Protests Take Newly Gentle Tone - Thursday and Friday nights marked the first time in more than two weeks that the three blocks…

too sexy for Milan, New York, and Japan

I fail at sleep. Despite going to bed around 12:30 Friday night when I was almost falling-over tired, I woke after maybe 4 hours and couldn't go back to sleep. I think one reason I didn't doze off again was I started thinking of dad and once my brain started on that, I couldn't force a change of…

more fun than a car full of aliens

hockey on my TV hockeyhockeyhockey! Exhibition games started this week, and Stanley Cup Qualifiers begin this weekend. It was glorious to be able to watch the Caps play the Canes in the afternoon - I was really glad the game wasn't today, as being at work makes it harder to watch, though there's…

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