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Listening to: Where we made the fire, In the summer time, Of branch and briar On the hill to the sea I slowly climb Through winter mire, And scan and trace The forsaken place Quite readily. Now a cold wind blows, And the grass is gray, But the spot still shows As a burnt circle - aye, And…

For the Bagginses Birthday . . .

DESK HOBBITON!!! This is a hobbity tableau I put together on my desk at work with little metal Ringbearers. Note the hobbity outhouse they have. Wonder how long it took them to get a permit for that . . . Experimenting with emailing pics--working on it. Also posted at…

But will there be hobbits?

Lord of the Rings: Young Aragorn tipped to be the focus of Amazon's billion dollar series https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/104009578/Lord-of-the-Rings-Young-Aragorn-tipped-to-be-the-focus-of-Amazons-billion-dollar-series?rm=m Everyone knows this news, right? But will there be hobbits?…

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