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"Selective Mutism" (Situational/Intermittent Mutism)

[ Twitter thread ] I'm starting to think the best thing is to teach children (including mine) is to tell manipulative adults to... F*** Off. Checking out a "Selective Mutism" summit... my instincts say "gross" because it's all about "selective mutism" for…

if I'm gonna complain about antiquities

I mean, the British Monarchy. The Papacy! The UK doesn't even have a written Constitution, that's how fucked up they are (at least Christians have the Bible). Because governments didn't do that yet back in 1707, Constitutions were more of a late 18th Century kind of thing. The…

Pasts true, false, recovered, created

I daresay all dr rdrz have already gone on to the 'buying the t-shirt' stage of the Jane Austen's House addresses the question of 'her connections to slavery and its mention in her novels': as if this has not been being addressed by Austen scholarship for lo, this considerable time. Dan Hicks,…

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