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The Man in the Iron Lung, from The Guardian A very interesting (and lengthy) article about a polio survivor, who is one of the last people in the world still using an iron lung. (thanks to lindahoyland for the link!) Teddy bears riding a roller coaster in an amusement part in the…

Man's Book Novemeber 1963 Pulp Cover Sundays for 5/31/20

I am not sure what it was in the 1960's with some of the tales of, well I take it from the Nazi flag on the take, War World 2, but the woman are always barley dressed in combat? At least this time, the male solider somehow lost his shirt but the three woman look like they just came from a…

In anarchy, people can't build and invest

Thinking of Charlemagne's conquest by the year 800, it was positive because anarchy was ended. In anarchy, people can't build and invest, because looters or small warlords will take too much -- tax at a 100% rate. This may be the source of the "Return of the King" myth: the land…

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