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Wednesday was slightly Kafkaesque

What I read Finished Pansies - I did not feel the elements of regional demotic were as jarring as they were in Glitterland, possibly because they were not being mediated by the consciousness of the first-person narrator of that? Quite sweet. Also, being, it appears, on somewhat of an Alexis…

"THE AVIATOR" (2004) Review

"THE AVIATOR" (2004) Review There have been many films, television episodes and documentaries that either featured or were about aviation pioneer and movie producer Howard Hughes. But Martin Scorsese's 2004 biopic, "THE AVIATOR", was the first that featured a large-scale production about his…

How ignorant are Americans?

For about 20 minutes Tuesday, NPR traveled back to 1776. To echo its 29-year on-air tradition, the public radio network’s main Twitter account tweeted out the Declaration of Independence, line by line. The Declaration of Independence is, of course, one of the country's most…

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