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There are two tags that I use a lot

And they are 'unexamined-assumptions' and 'facile-preconceptions'. Because, really, there are a lot of these among people who should really know better, such as women who write and review books about women and the sea: Salt on Your Tongue: Women and the Sea by Charlotte Runcie – review. Which…

Wednesday has done its first yoga class of the New Year

What I read Finished The Witch, which is good, but somewhat heavy going, because it's taking on a lot of scholarship and debates and controversies covering a WIDE geographical range and a HUGE time-scale and is thus dense and chewy. It's (this is Hutton, after all) not about some Universal…

Great Wall of Trump's Ego- Tuesday's Take for 1/8/19

Wow, I guess I am making a public political post starting off Tuesday's Take for the new year, but the news has been all about this upcoming television event tonight, and it's under my skin. So for those outside the US, the president is going to make an address to the American people about…

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