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Aea Part 1

[About a week prior to last entry in this series] Sunday, August 13th, 1214 BC – “I think we can hide the Argo in these reeds here” Argus whispered to Jason, indicating a thick reed-bed to their right. Jason judged the distance to the faint orange glow of the city up the river to be about a…

Way Back

Wednesday, August 23rd, 1214 BC - "There it is!" cried Lynceus in the bow of the Argo. Jason eagerly made his way along the benches of the narrow rocking ship from where he had been standing near the stern. Amidships he ducked under the humming sail. "Where is it?" he asked after seeing nothing…

Glass Cliff CW: off screen violence

The women huddled together in the cellar that warm afternoon in May. Everyone, save for Mama Edney, made it safely to the cellar. Edney stayed back to close up the chicken coops. As Margaret made her way to the cellar, children in tow, she could hear her mother in law shooing the hens, chicks and…

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