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on confession boxes and hose

An essay on the Publisher's Weekly website by Samantha Harvey, author of the historical fiction novel The Western Wind*: Bartering with the Facts: How a Novelist Solves a Historical Problem…

The Miniaturist, part 1

I watched the first installment (of three) of The Miniaturist on PBS, which was...very pretty to look at. (I should say that I never managed to read the book, despite flipping through it once or twice. So I can't say whether my issues with the adaptation are as much of a problem in the book. And…

a very truncated list of what I've read earlier this year

(and I'd like to say that I have my computer screen half-and-half with this Create Entries on the right, and an Excel spreadsheet of this year's reading on the left, for reference). *I think I talked about Mary Beard's SPQR and...uh...I just went back. No, I did not talk about that. Mary Beard…

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