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[Highlander] 6 Sentence Sunday

Life is full of what the fuck moments, so anyway here's 6 sentences from the "Methos is Joe's adopted dad" fic, because I am apparently having a theme where unexpected people are close relatives. (if I finish this, it'd be the third this year, so... my theme for 2020 sure really is people are…

Fic: Eclipse. Drabble [G] DW/HL/TW crossover

Title: Eclipse Author: Aeron Lanart Fandom(s): Highlander/Torchwood/Doctor Who Characters: Jack Harkness, Methos, Eleventh Doctor, Rating: Gen with m/m background Disclaimer: BBC own Torchwood and the Whoniverse, Panzer/Davis own their concept of immortality. A/N: Yup, you see that right,…


Heyyyy, so, melina wrote me a thing. It is an amazing, smoking hot, delectable crossover, and I can't recommend it highly enough to all my Highlander peeps—but also, for literally anyone who wants to read some gorgeous, emotional, kinky fic. Even if you don't know either fandom, it's…

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