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New HL Story - With Hands in his Pockets (D/M)

Hi hi, I am playing catch up. Lots of annoying adulting things taking up too much time right now. But I can now talk about the story I wrote for hlh_shortcuts! Yippee! With Hands In His Pockets (7541 words) by hafital Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Highlander: The Series Rating: General Audiences…

fic: Wotan's Day 1/16

Title: Wotan's Day Fandoms: Highlander, X-files, Invisible Man Rating:NC-17 overall, R for sexual references in this chapter Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Notes: Written at the behest of akaspeedo for his donation to RAINN, which made me his sweetcharityvox. Beta read by…

Drive by fic rec! Highlander shortcuts is live woo

I received the most delightful, enchanting Highlander story in the hlh_shortcuts fic exchange! Lucky me, my gift was in the first batch of reveals. :D I read it last night and basically smiled like a loon the entire time. It filled me with total glee! It is light D/M/A, just barely, and I love…

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