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Seedling update

My first set of plant babies have almost all sprouted now, and most are doing well. My spindly, leggy tomatoes are much stronger now that they've been getting halfway decent amounts of light. The weather had been nice enough for the last week or two that I stopped bringing them all the way indoors…

First little froghairs!!!

Today I found the first tiny cotyledons for some of last week's sowing! I had thought there were just three thyme sprouts, but a good squint at the fullsize photo reveals lots more than that... ...one (or maybe two three) basil sprouts, including one of the purple ones... ...and…


After many, many years, I am gardening again this year. I had recently heard about using milk jugs as mini greenhouses, so I started saving jugs back in February. I was simply thinking about a more protected early seed starting container that would make hardening off for planting a little simpler…

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