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Babies and Bullies

Hello Agony Aunt, I was in an abusive relationship from August 2018 to December 2018. My ex-boyfriend took my virginity which I ended up falling pregnant a month after. I knew I had to leave him because I faced constant abuse from him and he and his mother were trying to force me into having…

The Swede Life [NSFW]

Dear AA, I’m with my boyfriend for 7 months but he’s still in contact with his ex. I know this shouldn’t be a problem but I found out just before Christmas that he was still meeting up with her up until about a month before that. This really hurt me and he says he understands…

No Quarter

Hi Agony Aunt, My husband of 4 years (but been together 9 years) has a problem of either joining dating sites or looking up prostitutes in our area and then texting to meet them. In the last year I've known of 3 times he's texted them. He says he never meets up with them but I really…

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