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No Quarter

Hi Agony Aunt, My husband of 4 years (but been together 9 years) has a problem of either joining dating sites or looking up prostitutes in our area and then texting to meet them. In the last year I've known of 3 times he's texted them. He says he never meets up with them but I really…

Old Wounds

Hi Agony Aunt, I need some advice about my ex. I still have a lot of residual feelings of guilt and unhappiness about what happened and how we ended, but no real way of getting closure, which is really getting to me. I ended it about a year ago because I realized I didn't love him anymore…

Lies v. Library

Dear Agony Aunt, So this boy who i kinda know went on a school trip w my best mate whoch lasted a week whilst i went on holiday. He messaged me randomly saying (lets say her name is cindy) "cindy has been slagging u off 😂😂😂👌 so i messaged her and another girl she was w (lets call her…

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