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Happy Yuletide!

Happy Yuletide everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful time whether they're celebrating or not. ❤ And Yuletide gifts have been revealed. I am very exited. I got an amazingly lovely Hellblazer/Lucifer fic for my Yuletide this year. Everyone who like the Vertigo versions of the walking…

2018 Spicy Advent Reveals - Day 9

For Day 9 of reveals, you get... JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK - The Deal With This Band by iberiandoctor (John Constantine/Bruce Wayne, John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara, John Constantine/Etrigan, John Constantine/Boston Brand, John Constantine/Everyone, 3351 words, Explicit, written for the…

Yuletide letter 2018

Thank you for signing up for one of these fandoms and writing for me! I hope we both have a fun Yuletide and I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with. I crave fic in any of these fandoms so desperately that I'll be super easy to please, believe me. :) Things I like ● complex characters…

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