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crush-ed ice,

ahh; i didn't even know that he was sitting right behind me on the bus yesterday-________-; ahhh. there's this guy; a schoolmate of mine; and he looks a bit like siwon; errr; but i can't take his picture; just because...too embarassing; nobody knows that i also have a crush on him;…

nogari nogari want you xD

Heechul vs Baby Mason~ credits: heechul's soompi thread yay~ it's sooo cute :3 chocolates + cola= addictive ~ LOL i ate spaghetti 3 times yesterday~ bfast,lunch,supper xDDD --- random thought: kangin always says he prefers 'noona'... maybe because eeteuk is a…

hee..err.. seriously?!

O___________o ok; i was shocked. just saw the gif and i'm... loss for words.. and.. HEE! gaaah; you really want to be on the headlines? xDDDDDDDD i love jungmo x3 but then..i love you~ LOL err... what, they'll say that you're this and you're that. i don't care!!…

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