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Walking & health – why join a walking group?

COVID restrictions are easing and walking groups are starting back up again across the UK. But what are the benefits of going to these groups? I chat to Oli and Lottie, members of MAD Walkers walking group in Manchester, all about walking, health and clubbing in walking boots! Check out our…

Getting outside is good for your head

Over the last 18 months we’ve gone through so many changes in what we’ve been able to do and where. At some points we’ve largely been restricted to our homes which (for some) means little to no outside space. Lockdown has impacted all of us in so many different ways; but how much has being…

There’s more to mindfulness than meditation

Incorporating mindfulness into our lives can reduce our anxiety, stress, ‘burnout’, and generally improves our psychological well being. It can also help pain with management and other physical difficulties. Mindfulness is commonly linked to meditation, which isn’t an activity that appeals to…

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