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Reasons Why Menopause is Not A Pause to Your Happiness

The phase of menopause is a nightmare for many women. As soon as a woman reaches the age of 45 she starts facing scary health-related issues. She faces issues of irregular periods, mood swings, physical lethargy, inability to get intimate with her husband and what not. This sure is a life-changing…

Sorry, been down in the dumps

Been down in the dumps the past few days and that is the reason I have not posted or responded too much since I got back from California. The whole missing weekend with Ellie, being under the weather and just being in a funk is really messing with my emotions a lot. I also see that there has more…

Reincarnation and Life Extension

I'm sure some of you are curious because I'm a Lama though not working actively in that area t the moment. It is public knowledge lamas are reincarnates. I do have memories of past lives and I am older than I seem. The latter might also confuse people but I assure you science also has an…

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