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Wed, 20:30: I've had the cornrow braids for 5 full days. Karen is helping me take them out. The resulting look is hilarious so… https://t.co/DKeYhZlnsC Wed, 21:10: The frizz, after the braids. Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to get them out. https://t.co/3dk566AoPd I've…

6 Yrs. ago Karen shaved my head

Six years ago, today, I shared an awesome experience with my then newly wed wife/bride. We had been married all of 3 months, and I decided that it was time to share this very intimate act with her. A month earlier I had let her cut my long hair off short, parting ways with nearly 19 inches of hair…

It looks like I'll be saying Goodbye to all of my long hair soon

I had intended to sleep in this morning, but I've been up since about a quarter til 8. I'm so tired, and would love nothing more than to climb back into the warm, soft sheets of our bed, but I wouldn't be comfortable there so I'm just chilling out in my comfy chair. Besides, the kids are up and…

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