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What Real "Gun Reform" Would Look Like

With the alarming frequency of mass shootings and so-called "gun violence" we Americans face each day, there is an equal chorus of calls for our politicians (a.k.a. "civil servants") to "do something." Yet many Americans don't know what, exactly, that "something" might be! They'll cry out for…

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DRDO-OFB JVPC Индийский PDV по программе JVPC ( Joint Venture Protective Carbin изначально называлась MSMC - Modern Sub Machine Carbine, часть начатой ещё в 1990ые программы по перевооружению - INSAS) под патрон 5,56x30mm MINSAS (разработанный фирмой OFB - Ordnance Factory Board…

New Year's Post 2021

Going over the resolutions: Write more: While still not up to my desires on my own projects, I DID sell a story to Chris Kennedy for "Gates of Hell". So Yeah, I actually did some writing I got paid for for the first time ever. This is a good thing. I'm ready for my Campbell award! Oh, right, they…

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