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A hopeful M/M or M/F search :)

email: watermoths@gmail.com Discord: galaxy#5472 (you’re always welcome to add me) Hey there! I’m going with Owl online and I’m a female roleplayer, book lover, (chai) tea enthusiast and a very condemning fact about me seems to be that I don’t love 90’s Nickelodeon cartoons (at all. I mean it I…

Original & fandom (most have no tags) | M/M & M/F

Hey there! I’m Freiya . It’s been a while since I posted an rp ad but I’m excited to meet some new writing partners. I’m in my late-twenties, cat mom, dog aunt, tea enthusiast, professional doodler, an Aries and I collect pretty looking rocks, crystals, stones and books. You can reach me at my…

Another M/M search (fandoms and Original lines)

Hey everyone, it’s me Artemis. It’s my first time posting up an rp ad after years (and I really mean years) of lurking, so I hope you can be gentle with me. I’m a not so delicate flower looking for some fun M/M lines that get us both excited to write! Basic info about me:I’m old, ancient even.…

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