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Another M/M search (fandoms and Original lines)

Hey everyone, it’s me Artemis. It’s my first time posting up an rp ad after years (and I really mean years) of lurking, so I hope you can be gentle with me. I’m a not so delicate flower looking for some fun M/M lines that get us both excited to write! Basic info about me:I’m old, ancient even.…

Dream Journal!

I have very long, complex dreams as anyone who's read my journal before knows. I dream in novels/full-fledged series. So, under the cut we go! So, background information first.  It was AU-Gundamverse, only without any actual Gundams.  The colonies in this functioned more like planets in, say,…

Fandom RP, Canon/OC

Hey there~, I'm craving for some new rp partners! I'm quite easy to get along with. I'm 27 years old and from Germany. I do smut, but could also fade to black. My limits are quite common. I want a Canon/OC roleplay, doubling is a wish. M/F is preferred, but for your side everything is possible.…

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