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Last year's fandom stocking postings

So in a final burst of posting I have now re-posted everything I wrote for fandom stocking last year!!! FINALLY. Thanks to fred for the pinkie swear encouragement, lol! My last two ficlets I have posted at AO3: Seeing Red - a Blake's 7 ficlet with Avon and Vila (and there is cool lichen science,…

It's A Date

Title: It's A Date Fandom: Grimm Characters/Pairing: Nick Burkhardt/Monroe Rating: PG Word Count: 145 Summary: It's not a date, until it is a date. A/N: written for squidgiepdx for fandom_stocking “Enjoy the rest of your date.” The waitress encouraged happily as she waved them out the…

Jealousy Becomes Him

Title: Jealousy Becomes Him Fandom: Grimm Characters/Pairing: Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 264 Summary: Nick and Renard are keeping their relationship a secret. It's harder than he had thought. A/N: written for ilien for fandom_stocking Captain Renard stood in…

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