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[fic post] - Gravitation - Creating Infinity. (pg-13, 7/complete)

Fandom: Gravitation / グラビテーショ ン Title: Creating Infinity. Pairing: Ryuichi x Tatsuha Rating: PG-13 Description: (sequel to “Things don’t last forever.”) Tatsuha receives a surprise on White Day that he never expected to get. LJ (split into 3 parts due to length) –…

Bishonen Justice League Chapter 6 "Emergency Team Meeting"

Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Loveless, Gravitation, Death Note, and Kuroshitsuji (with nods to Viewfinder, Ouran, Bleach, and Naruto) Title: Bishonen Justice League Pairings: RoyxEd (primary), LightxL, YukixShuichi, SoubixRitsuka, SebastianxCiel(ish), and a hint of SebastianxLxLight Rating:…

Sakano's Magic Hands

Fandom: Gravitation Title: Sakano's Jazz Magic Hands Pairing: KxSakano Rating: PG13 T imeline: None Summary: K loves what Sakano can do with his hands... AN: Fic request drabble for snarry_fan7 Sakano's Magic Hands K was fully aware of the fact that…

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