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2102; tvshowsic, superhero-land, landofart

Medium: tv Fandom/s: Smallville, Nikita Character/s: Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Nikita Mears Notes: 18 icons and 1 lovebar behind the cut for various challenges at tvshowsic, superhero-land, and landofart. TVSHOWSIC - 275: pilot episod e Smallville SUPERHERO-LAND - 0602: Show Your…

In the middle of working on the order, I decided it was time to fix all the images on my LJ account, because....11 am on Sunday is the best time to fix all the fucking photobucket links, sure!!!! Cool!!!!!!! This involved screaming in frustration because I couldn't find where I had all the…

0611 winter is coming

Medium: film Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Character: Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) Notes: 2 sig tags and 2 picspams for Challenge 11: "Winter is Coming" at the lighthouse. The challenge was to create graphics for anything that comes to mind whey I hear…

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