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summer 07: summertime adventures

Medium: tv series Fandom: Word of Honor Characters: Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing Notes: Alternate Universe - Modern. Book cover of a fanfic that hasn't been written yet. What if "Word of Honor" was set in modern times. Jaded and depressed Zhou Zishu just chilling at the pool while…

summer 02: sand adventures

Medium: stock Fandom: stock Characters: none Notes: 4 icons for summer challenge 02:" sand adventures" at Land of Art. The task was to create icons based on summer themed prompts. Maximum of 2 icons per prompt. There were 10 prompts: 1.) A Sport that requires wheels 2.) A sport…

summer 03: it's time to travel the world

Medium: film, tv Fandom: Priest (2011), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters: Priest, Buffy Summers Notes: 1 postcard for summer challenge 03: it's time to travel the world at Land of Art. It's a postcard from Priest to Buffy Summers. Crossover Priest and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.…

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