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Sat Jul 7 15:07:17 EDT 2018 mikiekwoods Is it a failure of our schools, our students, or HR (for hiring this person)? Just heard on NPR news: "Now only one of the women's top seeds are still in the tournament." Saturday 19:05 NPR just had a news story about memorializing the 1898…

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If you had to take your interests and lump them together into main categories, and make like a pie chart out of them, what would you come up with? Just think of all your interests and kind of lump them together. Example: I am 30% ARTISTIC, 35% SPIRITUAL, and 35% GEEKY. What categories compose…

How do you feel about animals being used for testing? ex. hair products, make up, and the such. How do you feel about animal fur and skin for cloths/fashion?

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