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Snowbirds, part twelve.

DAY FIFTY-EIGHT Friday, April 3rd We took a day off of DoorDash deliveries and hotel isolation to go exploring together. We both needed it. The feelings of insignificance I’d always feared while doing all I could to avoid “work” were confirmed and really catching up to me, and I needed some…

Snowbirds, part eleven.

DAY FIFTY-THREE Sunday, March 29th I never slept and started getting things together pretty early before Alyssa’s cellphone alarm woke her up. We loaded a bunch of things into the car and camper across several trips between our room and the parking lot. It was bright and sunny out, pretty warm,…

Snowbirds, part one.

DAY ONE Thursday, February 6th Woke up to a couple inches of snow as the sky began to sleet and then became snow again--an annoying reminder of one of the many reasons we were getting the fuck out of the northeast. I got up real early and shoveled before positioning the car in front of the…

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