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Cities in Dust-Siouxsie & the Banshees-Music Monday for 3/23/20

With all the chaos and running around as non-essentials stores and services closing down, I have had this song in my head. I always loved this song, but for what is going on in the world today and for the foreseeable future, a little bit of Siouxsie seemed like the right choice. Переведено с…

Walking Insult Machine

I spent most of the day thinking of a woman from my D&D group, mostly all the reasons we don't fit together but still feeling that I want her. Also I insulted my ex tonight the one I still might have feeling for but I think just the words I used pissed her off, no matter how I try I just make it…

Lyrics: The Art of Despair

You felt my touch of fire, more than a crush, so clearly, swallowed all my pride romance never died, I found you in my dream world, seduced me while sound asleep drinking my seed of lust, spreading your deed of trust I can't wake up, I cannot see, why are these demons surrounding me? Locked in…

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