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My life in pictures

What do you mean my private life doesn't match my career? Fight the stereotypes sugar tits. Anywaaaaaaay. I park my hard-hat in my boudoir for a while now. It will be a few days before I climb again.

"Are you just a passenger?"

Gotham is finally picking up! It's sad that I figured it would have to happen after the murder of hundreds of people, but I was right. It started a bit in "Ruin" and more in "Pena Dura," though "Pena Dura" is helped along by having Oswald and Ed thinking about and interacting with each other a…

"Some people deserve to die."

Having watched the first episode of Deadly Class, the show about teens being trained as killers at a secret school, at this point I'm giving it more of a chance based on its soundtrack--the Cure ("The Holy Hour" is a deep cut choice), Echo and the Bunnymen, the Sisters of Mercy, the Damned--and…

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