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Maybe this is the blitz spirit

I'm not sure if this is actually true - some of the things going around have a touch of the urban legendary about them - but people policing other people's shopping baskets for 'non-essential' items? I don't think this is so much going back to muttering about 'having dealings with spivs for black…

What're the odds, eh?

Two dos, both in the same Bloomsberries-associated venue on Monday and Friday this week (though oddly enough, the invites gave different addresses - but several of the houses on that side of the square are all connected, and in the event, entrance was through the same main one, both times, with…

Wednesday has been invited to a Posh Do

What I read Last episode of Tremontaine Season 4: pretty good overall. Melissa Smith, Finders (2018), not, for me, among her top books, a bit too much futtock-shroudery about the mechanics of how things worked, which is just not my thing, somehow. Noel Streatfeild, Grass in Piccadilly…

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