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good omens

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"Staged", fanzine and a bit of real life

Oh, man, I've just finished watching "Staged" and my cheeks hurt from laughing too much. David and Michael are brilliant in it, there were sad moments and surprise guests and... I loved it. Also, when I found out they were supposed to star in "Six characters in search of an author", which is an…

YES! *collapses*

I really needed that day off yesterday, I was very productive: I did some spring cleaning (I cleaned all the shutters UGH), did some laundry and FINISHED THE LAST 3 DRAWINGS FOR THE GOOD OMENS CELEBRATION MONTH! I am so, so happy. When I decided to take part in it, I wasn't sure I'd be able to draw…


I've never drawn so much in my life, not even when I was in school and spent whole afternoons drawing my own comics. I'm still working on the Good Omens Celebration drawings, I've done twenty so far. I've also drawn a little portrait of my mum for Mother's Day (as I stayed at my parents for more…

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