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S7E30: In Right Paths (Selah - Live in a Minor Key pt. 5)

The Shepherd's Psalm is one of the best-known and most-memorized passages of scripture apart from the Lord's Prayer, and like the Lord's Prayer, we mostly know it from the King James Version. We also primarily know it as a prayer from funerals, and for when we are in imminent ang grave danger. The…

S7E29: Go Make Disciples (Missionary Scott Rambo)

The Great Commission in Matthew's gospel records the final marching orders of Jesus to his followers. He calls us all to go make disciples. Today, our guest speaker, missionary Scott Rambo, looks at not only Jesus' final words, but his first words to his disciples. Scott reminds us that the same…

S7E28: Prayer of Rest (A Journey Through Lent pt. 4)

In Psalm 91 we see a beautiful picture of God's protection over us, in the image of a mother bird who spreads her wings over her chicks to keep them from harm. We see strength coupled with tenderness - the strength of the mother bird against danger, and the tenderness under her wings. We think of…

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