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I'll Understand If You Want To See Me Out That Door.

I usually can't have music on when I'm working, but yesterday I had a task that didn't require too much concentration. Hey, I thought, I could listen to some music! In this age of YouTube, I've got so many great songs open to me; it's hard to know where to begin. I listened to the Glee mashup…

Calling All Glee Fans!

I would like to do a fandom newsletter like the su_herald/[Unknown LJ tag]( The Sunnydale Herald) for Glee fans because it's getting…

China Cups and Top Hats [Chapter 26/?]

Fandom: glee Characters/Pairings: Kurtbastian (occasional appearances of other Warblers minor glee characters) Genre: Romance/AU/Coming of Age/Friendship/Drama Length: Multichaptered Rating: PG-13 (For now, might become NC-17 in future chapters) Warnings: AU, Victorian…

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