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Vintage glaciers yeah!

This weekend was the Vintage Alaskana Garage Sale, the last one, since the lady who collected the items died earlier this year. :( The guy who works at that awesome bookstore downtown was there, and he is now managing her estate (I asked if he was surprised I was looking at books and he was like…

Turning 30 at Portage Glacier

It is..REALLY weird being 30 years old now. O_o I remember turning 20 was weird, but 30 is even weirder haha. It was another nice day as we drove up to Portage Glacier..I think that was at least my fourth time taking the boat out to the glacier (it has definitely changed since I was first there in…

Glacier paradise and Franklin exhibition

Today was another gorgeous day! Before we left Juneau, we had breakfast with Christine and Jim. It was weird..as we were pulling in, I suddenly remembered that's where dad and I ate when we came on the ferry!! So weird your brain can suddenly remember things like that. We'll definitely have to come…

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