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SPN 7-7 The Mentalist

It is a day of going back and just enjoying my own posts from long ago. I found my first wincest "double-drabble" and still liked it, so I posted it on AO3. I also came across a gif post where I had posted gifs from photobucket. Of course these all had labels over them so you couldn't see them…


You who've been here for a while know that I've been saving my gifs to pinterest(supernutjapan) since Photobucket started it's stupidity. I was wondering if anyone liked the 9-2 gifs I uploaded and checked notifications. What I saw made me bark out a laugh in surprise. A lot of saves... seems this…

In the Beginning

Grrrr... LJ just erased my post! Not that I had much writing in it, but still frustrating to have to rewrite. I am enjoying Season 4 in my early season rewatches now and I realized I needed more gifs in my In the Beginning review so I made some. Here are some bigger versions of a nice scene.…

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