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SPN 14-10 Nihilism Gifs and Pics

I made some of the gifs I wanted. Hope you enjoy them too! And these pretty stills had to be remade in higher quality. I didn't do anything to his eyes guys... just made the whole photo lighter and more sharp. He's just got naturally beautiful green eyes.

A couple of extra creations

I had a lot of fun creating gifs for the rewatch ep! I made a couple of icons with those that might be useful XD Please credit if using. Help yourself to the gifs in the review as well. I have them watermarked. They can also be found in my Supernatural Gifs board on Pinterest. If there are any…

SPN 8-17 Gif Post

I've got the review all written and ready to go but I'm stuck on the gifs I want to make *headdesk* I got quite a few done today but still have to sift through some other scenes for the right moment. I thought you might like this for starters - anyway, it makes me feel good that I'm posting…

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