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The extended etymology for Ego, Εγώ ( I )

The Oxford Etymologic Dictionary (OED) considers Ego / I as if it were a self-standing word developed within the Germanic and 'Indo-European' languages with a mere meaning of 'I / me / self, myself': I (pron.) 12c., a shortening of Old English ic, the first person singular nominative…

GERMAN: A line in a dialogue

Could you please help me to distinguish the words in this sentence? https://youtu.be/2viR539KQ6g?t=38 Lena says something to the effect "You're a strange/funny cop", and all I can make out is "Bulle" at the end. She's speaking too fast for me.

Novgorodian birch bark in Finnish dialect, 11th Century

Novgorodian birch bark in Finnish dialect, 11th Century - written in Cyrillic: 1. юмола нуолиінимижи Jumola nuolin imizhi EST: Jumal noolnud inimesi. ENG: God 'arrowed' people ( = taught people the word, the speech)*. RUS: Господь пронзил стрелами людей ( = обучил, научил людей слову,…

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