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One of Those Nights

I know I don't usually stick literary quotes in my posts, but I think a little bit now and then is a good idea. I wanted to write this weeks ago, when I first read it, but- well, better late than never. "It is quite a different matter," Albert replied, "when a man is carried away by his…

Realization about the pronunciation of e-i combinations in names

A general rule, as good as a rule in English ever gets: pronunciation of "ie" and "ei" in German or nordic names, such as "Reichart", takes the last vowel sound. I realized that upon going to Tennessee in 1999. The popular chain of convenience stores over there is called "Weigel's", and I learned…

Farewells: Obituary, Helmut Liedloff

This man made the life I live possible. I received his obituary, clipped from the newspaper, in the mail from my mom. It's melancholy, and I've been quietly a bit sad today. In my junior year of high school, Ila Adhikari asked me if I wanted to carpool to the PSAT. It was only because of her…

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