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Florida geocaching

Today mom and I took Teresa, Ron and Stephanie geocaching, since they'd never done it before. As we were going into the woods to find the first one, Ron screamed and we all rushed up to see that he had almost walked into a GIANT spider in its web. D: D: D: D: We carefully walked around the web and…

Park and Grab Expressway

Today was a geocaching event called the Park and Grab Expressway, put on by the same couple that hosts the Christmas party and other events here and there. We had to find four puzzle caches, where usually what you do is solve a puzzle to get the right coordinates, but for the event they just gave…

Fun afternoon in Denali

Today mom and I drove to Denali for the afternoon (we wanted to stay for the weekend, but all the hotels were full). We had lunch when we got there, and I had the most delicious chicken parmesan sandwich ever..definitely going back there in the future! I got a new Pokemon (Vileplume) there too lol.…

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