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Anchorage getaway

On Friday, we drove to Anchorage..it was beautiful and sunny the whole way!! It was so nice to see the mountains again, shining in the sun. We got to Anchorage just in time to watch Scott's game (same team as Thursday, but they lost this time. You can definitely see how experienced Scott is after…

The New Normal...

The last ten days or so have, apart from the business with builders, run pretty much as is now normal in these strange times. We're spending a lot of time at home. The only outings we get are shopping trips, and usually only one of us does those unless a bit of a drive is called for. Last Saturday…

Some String, a Sleeper, a Summit, and Smoke

The weather's had a bit to say about what happened in the last week. On Tuesday I started a fairly major bit of antenna timkering which involved moving the box with the co-ax relay for switching antennas in it from the side of the house up to the mast with the hexbeam on it. The object of the…

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