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I spent some time this afternoon thinking about Bruce Chatwin. Following my own taxonomy, Chatwin qualifies as weird, joining Nathaniel Hawthorne, Rupert Brooke, and a few others. David Selznick! LOL. It's a personal definition. Chatwin was brought to mind because I just read James Ivory's…

excitement / not much levity

Excitement today when Bank of America froze my visa because of worrisome activity on the card. I didn't recognize the charge immediately, as it had an odd company name and the amount was about $25. Then I realized that it was when I renewed my writing LJ account (this one is a permanent account).…

rush jobs and long tasks

I'd say Where to Start?, except that would make you think something exciting happened! The only thing 'exciting' today was doing a rush job over the noon hour, setting up two promotion and tenure ballots. I still feel somewhat unnerved by the online system. Otherwise, I fooled around a lot on a…

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