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There are over 44,000 names in the Old Colonial/W/W tree. 83 of them have a first name starting with Z. I thought to look this up when I ran across two women in this tree named Zynaga: one born in 1928 and one in 1963. Iowans. Aunt and niece. Let's start with the men. There are Zachariah and…

what makes my eyes cross...

Shock! I have the air conditioning on! (It's been on about 15 minutes.). This is mainly to offset the fact that I used the oven. Our siege of humid 90F/32C weather continues, with scattered storms expected next week. I didn't mention that we had some pleasant rain earlier in the week - though…

My maternal grandfather Neal Eldred Crawford: born 22 Jun 1910 in North Yakima, Yakima County, Washington to laborer Henry Elwood Crawford and Polly Ann Crawford (née Hayes), was a private first class in the US Army during World War II (participated in the Battle of Okinawa), married waitress…

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