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Inheritance. A 2-part (total 7 hours. i saw it over 2 evenings) gay themed play that was (and still is) talk of London last year. Started in Young Vic then was transferred to West End. more official reviews than my humble opinion can be found here for example. Its sheer length over two nights…


obviously it is for two people to decide if they want a monogamous or monogam-ish or open relationship. the question remains (and there is no obvious answer) is to which degree we want monogamy because WE want it or because we have been taught and conditioned to want it (same goes for open…

i heart boobs , etc.

I shouldnt be married. I want to hump everything that moves, i swear. I go to school now (yay!, im educated!) .. taking creative writing (hA!) and ethics. (double ha!) Ive been told i give off the straight vibe too much to attract a woman. I havent had sex in 2 weeks. its all I can think…

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