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So, It's late... Part 1.5... :'-(

This post is hidden from jarrod31( or at least it should be, if you're reading this Jarrod, stop now and move on), because I don't want him to feel bad. So, like I said, I called him and he convinced me to drag myself back to the block party for the second time( that is, back for the…

So, It's late... Part I: Pride

But if I don't write now, I may never get to it. I think I'll break this up into multiple entries. So, let's see. since last Thursday( I really need to take care that these are not just weekly)... OK, Friday I don't remember much about, had a rehearsal, was fun. Someone made an offer on the house…

Big black dick fantasies fill me with shame

All All my sex fantasies seem to involve black dudes!! Ugh! It pisses me off and makes me ashamed. I can't be just an out gay dude because of all the normal reasons, society, family, image, etc etc. I want to be dominated by some black dudes (in my fantasies) but when I cum I'm like oh no no no…

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