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Adventures (and misadventures) in gardening

I wouldn't exactly say we've totally nailed it as snails had a feast on all our marigold seedlings, the zinnias collapsed and died leaving just one and the cosmos are a bit spindly but we have had some success with other plants. Our M&S beetroot are being extremely sluggish but the radishes are…

When I thought I was alone......

The weather was pretty nice today and I decided to spend some time working in the backyard this afternoon, and enjoy the weather before the heat comes tomorrow. So I did some work in the garden, cleaning out the beds back towards the river of some fallen small branches that I had neglected the past…

Recovering from Yesterday's Happy Hour/After the Rain

I have recovered from yesterday's "Online Happy Hour". Thankfully I had a few bottles of Sugar Free Powerade still in the basement and chilled a few of them last night. I remember when I used when I used to dance in England and Scotland with the troupe, there was always a lot of…

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