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Grand Psijic Villa

In Elder Scrolls Online, they recently gave all of us players this big ass house. So, I'm in the process of decorating it. Here's one of many screenshots I'll be taking. Yay!

My Gaming

You've wondered onto this LiveJournal and are wondering... why am I here again? Well, I couldn't tell ya. But, I do chronicle my time in various MMORPG's. The ones I currently play are: EverQuest 1 EverQuest 2 Elder Scrolls Online Guild Wars 2 I'll post screenshots of my…

September 24 @ 4:25PM EDT

So, before I headed to bed I was able to finish off another collection. Yay me! I'm obsessed with collections in EQ2 because a lot of them reward house items. And I love nothing more than a house reward. Here is it is: Forest Beetles collection And here's the reward:…

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