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[Game Review] Tales of Symphonia

This game was produced by Bandai/Namco so there are a lot of things that reminded me of Gundam Wing. The opening theme in particular sounds like something straight out of GW. The artwork in the cut scenes is anime quality and stands up well despite the age of the game. I enjoyed it a lot, but…

Fallout 76

I think I dodged a bullet in not purchasing Fallout 76. Todd Howard has some 'splaining to do. In addition to completely missing what attracts people to it's games, Bethesda shat the bed by releasing a buggy and barely functional piece of garbage that should honestly still be an alpha build. The…

Grand Psijic Villa

In Elder Scrolls Online, they recently gave all of us players this big ass house. So, I'm in the process of decorating it. Here's one of many screenshots I'll be taking. Yay!

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