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Chapter 61: Blue-Eyes

Chapter 61: Blue-Eyes Seto stepped out of the bath, and it began draining. A powerful blast of warm air dried him from head to toe. Joan followed, but the air failed to activate. Seto remedied the situation with a simple voice command, making a mental note to update the bathroom's programming to…

My friend made a game about me!

I was screensharing with her and a few other friends as I played it. Essentially I was made fun of by NPCs the entire time. :P Took me a month to edit this video, thanks for checking it out! Also, nice to meet you, LiveJournal community! It's been a while since I've been here but everyone…

Other Games to Play

Dilemma: My Factorio game has become complicated enough that I don't always have the brain power to figure out what to do next. I'd like to play some Rimworld because I like games that feel like fighting entropy in a potentially complex, technological way. But I don't own Rimworld and the creator…

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