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Sandstone Reach

Our walk was along the Sandstone Reach, which follows the St Vrain Creek as it meets up eventually with Boulder Creek and other Front Range waterways. It is open land, with plenty of wetlands and the birds and wildlife that goes with it. There was one bald eagle right on the waterway who…

Chapter 65: Zucchini

Chapter 65: Zucchini As soon as Michael ended their call with Joan, Mokuba whipped out his phone and texted Marc. Based on what they'd all heard Laura say just a few moments ago, Marc would need a place to stay tonight, and Mokuba had a spare room to offer. He worried about work tomorrow, if…

CB (and phase 2)

= back to JC days level of gaming shall attempt to catalogue all my screen time because i really have spent a stupendous amount of time with my mouse and keyboard. so CB kicked off on april 7th. in rough chronological order (decimal points are games i didn't finish): 1. apex legends — just…

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