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Забыла выложить рядом с фото старой матери с процом, или верни мне мой 1999-ый, часть n+следующая. Вообще, в отличие от очень самобытной по дизайну первой части, вторая мне ни по нему, ни по геймплейю не зашла в свое время. СЕРОСТЬ И ЯЩИКИ, Ромеро, зачем бы ушел из ID, лол? И музыка тоже мимо.…

AMA #2: How did I get into gaming?

From ringsandcoffee: How did you get into gaming? My dad. Seriously. I was... probably 9 or 10? I'm thinking 9, that would've made my brother 8. Anyway. Dad got the old first edition D&D stuff (I honestly don't know if it was D&D or AD&D, they were both available at that time), to play it…

Bumper crop of post-apocalyptic titles coming in

The Division 2: pandemic post-apoc; stealth shooter Fallout 76: nuclear war post-apoc; nobody quite knows yet Rage 2: asteroid post-apoc; Borderlands on steroids Dying Light 2: zombie post-apoc (maybe vampire? Hard to tell); horror The Last of Us 2: fungal post-apoc; more horror Sea of Solitude:…

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