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My friend made a game about me!

I was screensharing with her and a few other friends as I played it. Essentially I was made fun of by NPCs the entire time. :P Took me a month to edit this video, thanks for checking it out! Also, nice to meet you, LiveJournal community! It's been a while since I've been here but everyone…

Привет русские гости

Используйте Google Translate, чтобы сделать это сообщение, так что извините, если перевод плохой ... Я решил сделать это сообщение этим вечером, потому что, когда я смотрел на своих гостей в Живом журнале под статистикой, я заметил, что все больше русских читателей и авторов сайта заходят в мой…

BLOHH is going on tomorrow

Looks like there is going to be another BLOHH tomorrow afternoon, and yes this time we will be playing the trivia game. Ellie has steam set up and we all have this game Jack Box on our accounts so we can give it a try. I am not sure well it will go, but I know I am prepared for it. Переведено с…

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