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Wednesday Survey for 9/26/18 & Bingo!

First the weekly survey Have you ever had a secret admirer? IF I did, then that person is not a secret, so not that I think? What do you want for your next birthday? A nice dinner with Ellie What do the sheets you have on your bed now look like? They are white and in a mess What is your…

I'm potentially in trouble for the next 4 months

Wasteland 2: "August 2018" Star Control Origins: September 20 Fallout New California: October 23 Fallout 76: November 14 Yes I know 3 of those are post-apocalypse games but I LOVE the Star Control 2 universe and I'm in beta for SCO and I love it just as much and I don't know if there are enough…


I came up with this game for a story I'm working on with porkwithbones. My teenagers said "hey, that sounds cool!" and so I have to post the rules publicly now so that if it ever really goes public, I'm the inventor, y0. ~ ~ ~ Rules of Ritterbahn Everyone has a hobby horse, and you have to…

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