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[STORY] Winter Encounter--that's a wrap!

For those who read it, hope you enjoyed it. If you prefer to read it all in one sitting, you can download all 71 pages as a PDF on my Weasyl Account. This entry was originally posted at https://moxie-man.dreamwidth.org/321999.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

[STORY] Winter Encounter (28/28) EPILOGUE

The pause in the late winter storm didn’t last long as the winds started to pick-up again. This was the second day for it in the forest. There was little the squirrel family could do but hunker down in their tree hollow and wait for better weather. Their internal weather sense told them it would…

[STORY] Winter Encounter (27/28)

(scratch, scratch) “Enter Embassador.” Aldin entered, shutting the door behind him. “You asked me to see you in person, Dr. Kaynobble?” He noted that the raccoon wasn’t alone as he and a medium-sized woodchuck stood as he entered. Dr. Kaynobble pointed to his other guest, “This is Fousette.”…

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