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Sporange rhymes with orange

So I went and got Spore while was on sale on Steam, a game I was interested in when it first came out... 6 years ago, Christ. I am old, kill me. ANYWAY, at the time I was turned off by EA and the SecuRom secret rootkit malware that came bundled with it, so I just accepted I would probably never…

Running themes

So, I dreamt there was an alternate timeline in which an undefined, Asian medieval fantasy empire had conquered and subsumed its regional neighbors and survived to the modern day as a kind of indistinct cultural mishmash (aka Default Asia for Americans) - possibly reflecting my great deal of time…

Wasn't kidding about the dreams

So, I dreamt that there was some kind of sentient building that existed in another dimension with a sky but no ground. It had no distinct form and became whatever its observer expected - a castle in some cases, an office building or a glass penthouse in others. It was predatory somehow, and it…

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