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The demise of PineFur Con Pt 2

Without naming names, someone familiar with current furry con logistics has confirmed that my estimate was not that far off for a con the size of Pine Fur Con. So, there you have it. If you want to run a furry con for about 500 attendees, plan on spending about $25,000 or a bare minimum of $50 per…

The demise of PineFur Con

PineFur Con (PFC) was my first furry con. Despite that, I offered to volunteer, knowing I’d probably miss out on some things. That didn’t bother me as I’ve attended fan cons in the past in the Star Trek fandom back in the 90’s. Yes, not just my fursona sports a “gray muzzle”. Due to my background,…

Fun Fun Fun

I had a wonderfully mundane post prepared the other evening, but it glitched during the post phase... here’s a poor substitute- I had issues with the rototiller and decided it is time for a decarbonization of the combustion chamber. This engine starts easily and runs surprisingly well.…

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