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Searching For Longterm RP Partner

My name is Libby and I am searching for a longterm rp partner who will not ghost me. I am 27 years old, so I would prefer my rp partner to be 21+. I live in the Eastern Time Zone and can reply once or multiple times a day. As far as smut goes, I will not write it. Never. I am not comfortable with…

Ocs and Fantasy What A Lovely Mix

Hello this is my first time using this platform so I really hope I can get results from here! Hi I go by Luffy and I'm looking for some oc fantasy type stuff right now. I have a sort of 'intro' below so you can read that read fast- | V "In a universe where the original Earth aka Earth 1 is…

Looking for Longterm partner??

Status ⌲ Open/Closed Currently open, always open. Little things to know.. I only roleplay on discord, and I'm a bit impatient sometimes. There is bound to be some things missing here because i can be a dummy sometimes, if you wanna ask something then go ahead, the rules are more detailed…

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