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MxF kink rp

What's up, lovelies? The days are getting hotter, so why not turn up the heat in your heart with a steamy story? I'm looking for some open minded partners to cowrite some more unconventional topics, which we'll discuss. My rp partner must be over 18, and my limits are only about bathroom play,…

Fabulously fresh stories, let’s go!

Hey y’all! Let’s cast the old line out and see what we get. I’m Vega, I’m an old hand at the art of RPing, been doing it for 18 years and I’m looking for a partner who’s over 18 for a long term journey. One long story, or several shorts, nothing is out of the question, but let’s have some fun while…

Red Dead Redemption and Arcane M/M Partner Search

Hello! Currently hyperfixated on Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and starting to get the same way about Arcane (Netflix/League of Legends). I'm flexible with pairings, plots, and themes! Please don't hestiate to DM! I promise I'm nice! Even if I don't want to proceed with an RP…

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