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Postcard Roulette!

Offering postcard roulette! Comment with a number from 1-100 and I'll send you the random corresponding postcard from my stack with an anecdote on the origins (or whatever comes to mind). Include your address if it's changed or I don't have it! Hope everyone is well ♥ This entry was…

Batsu Game 2019

This year is high school. Major points: - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi appeared... and then Shingo and Goro too >_> - Hamada being hit with those pet-bottle rockets (added box gloves) - Tanaka's pants - The masks - Tanaka Thai kick - this is funny every year - and the tests with the Thai kick - No…

Batsu game 2018

The Penalty Game of The Gaki no Tsukai staff is entertaining if you watch it once per year, I realized. There are jokes you see every year, but because they formulate every situation a bit different, it gets really fun. Highlights: usage of R2D2 was adorable tarot card Shamans superstar

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