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Kit here, and I'm doing myself a mischief and rereading/rewatching Fruits Basket, and remembering how much I love and hate everything about it. So what I'm looking for is kind of specific — I want to write Akito, very flexible on the timeline, but I'd really, really like to write against a…

2018 Fanfic Year in Review

I was going to resurrect the "year in review" meme I used to do years ago, but I came across this one on Tumblr, which has more interesting questions. 1. List of fics completed this year: Sailor Moon High School Memory ( Spirit of Fire side story) The Longest Night ( Spirit of Fire…

Yet another new story

I mentioned in my last entry that I had completed yet another new story, and now it is time for the reveal... The Next Step (also found at AO3) Yes, it's a Fruits Basket fic! The recent announcement about the upcoming anime reboot inspired me to resurrect a story I started a few years ago…

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