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Slowly Venturing Out / New Minecraft Server

Another month has passed during this strange time of COVID-19. I'm still working from home and we're very thankful that I still have a job and we're relatively unscathed. Nicole has been venturing out into the world more and more and although she's unhappy and uncomfortable with wearing a mask,…

Dream parade

The night before last I slept very late, I was exhausted, and I had a ton of people come visit me in my dreams. It's far enough along that I don't remember most of who, but definitely G, Kelsey, and Heather from work along with a couple others. In many but not all cases there was a definite…

The mask-making bandit

My email from Joann saying my fabric order was ready for pickup came on Friday. I didn't see it until I came home from work, by which time the store was already closed. No worries; I'll go on Saturday. There were instructions in the email to call the store's phone number, give my name, order…

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