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40 / I'm an Engineer! / Birthday in Bend / Getting Visitors

Welp I made it to 40! So this is mid-life, ehh? Forty years down; forty to go? I haven't really had any great epiphany about what all this is supposed to mean, but I'm reminded of some cliché about how age is just a number and you can feel however old you want to feel. I like that sentiment. Ten…

Beekse Bergen

Eisirt's ouders hadden vrijkaartjes gewonnen bij de postcode loterij -- en een boel ook! Met zijn tweeën zouden ze niet zo snel acht vrijkaartjes opkrijgen, dus stuurden ze ons de code om met vrienden, of met mijn moeder en Luc, gebruik te maken van een gratis uitje. We nodigden M&M (Matto en…

moonlit skies reflections on rainbows

people pour out their soul to me, what do I do to it? I step away, I get frightened...I act like I have forgotten them. I don't forget people, I remember them. I think too much about it, then it's gone like birds in winter. I'm left with my loyal companion, without him I'm not sure how it would…

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