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A Lady who Lunches

I had a lovely meal with my friends John and Ben this afternoon. We thought about going into Cardiff city centre but ended up just going a local pub. I had sausage, egg, chips and beans and two large doorstep slices of bread and butter. I hadn't seen the boys since the summer so we had a lovely…

It's alive!

I see someone injected Dreamwidth with some adrenalin while I wasn't looking. I've come back today and there's people everywhere and my circle is swelling and I don't think I've ever had to go so far back in my reading page... this is awesome! As tempting as it is to go through the friending…

Green gods and goddesses

Day five. Last weekday off. Since I know NCC is off now, I wondered if Dr. K was available to hang out and asked him last week. He was going out of town last weekend but said we should touch base once he got back. I texted him twice and didn't hear anything, so, okay, guess this isn't going to…

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