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Trick or Treat reveals

Works are now revealed for the Trick or Treat exchange (though I'm not quite done leaving comments). I wrote a fic for Offenbach's opera The Tales of Hoffmann, an opera which has almost Tolkien-like levels of sinister jewelry. Catching the Lark (2786 words) by Zdenka Chapters: 1/1 Fandom:…

FRENCH: subjonctif

I had to combine two sentences without the subjonctif: 1."Ces indices serviront aux enquêteurs." et 2. "Ce n'est pas certain." into one with the subjunctive. I did this this way: "Que ces indices servent (subj) aux enquêteurs, ce n'est pas certain." Could you please tell me if this sentence…

KO == Not OK

I've noticed that the acronym KO in French and Italian informal communication can mean simply "not OK" without particular relation to the original meaning "Knock Out". Specifically, in French at work (OK = "test passing", "KO" = "test failing"), and in Italian here (scroll down for the history of…

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