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Wolverine Watchmen: Wannabe X-men vs the Feds

I've been interested in human xenophobia (which I think is instinctive) and race and class warfare since I become politically aware some time in my 20's. The more I study the less I know, other than that people naturally cling to those who are like them and mistrust those who are different.…
  • amw
  • 2 years ago

never been anything else

I feel like i am writing quite a few drunk posts lately. But since i no longer get drunk on school nights, it's probably not more than it was back in the good/bad old days when i did not give two shits about calling in sick or rolling into work with a blistering hangover. Perhaps i am just more…
  • amw
  • 3 years ago

how people holiday

Working in a tech company there are always dozens of screens around the office showing dashboards full of cryptic charts and gauges that we use to monitor the systems. You all know that from TV. But we also also have screens that pop up informational messages and corporate propaganda. In this…

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