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  • amw
  • July 22 2018, 12:20

everybody's free...

It might not seem like it from my LJ, but i am a very uncommunicative person, especially when i am working. Work sucks up so much of my energy, the last thing i want to do in the tiny amounts of free time that i do have is spend it on other people. I got a reminder of that when dad sent me an…
  • amw
  • June 6 2018, 22:51


Today i was soaked to the bone, twice. I came into work like looking like a 落汤鸡 (luò tāng jī) - a chicken drowned in soup. I am not sure when that thing switched in my head that if it's raining i'ma just get wet. I know i don't like to carry around an umbrella all the time. Who does? My…

QotD: Albright on Trump

Trump is the first antidemocratic president in modern U.S. history. On too many days, beginning in the early hours, he flaunts his disdain for democratic institutions, the ideals of equality and social justice, civil discourse, civic virtues, and America itself. If transplanted to a country with…

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