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real wave

THIS IS WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW "Ah, the fond memory of that one time Mom paid attention to me." Makoto, meanwhile, continues to be the world's best big brother. You know, for all this time I've had Mako in the "Marry" slot, he really goes in the "Onii-chan" slot. #stealthship I…

summer high tension

So Gou actually did find her soulmate among the Mikoshibas. Unfortunately for the boys, it's Isuzu. Momo is like "wtf just happened", while Nagisa is totally cool with it. Miho: The former desert of Tokyo is now a city of hope. Me: Dang, there is a long deep story inside Ama-chan. D:…

my base, your pace

Okay, so I said the dude behind Ikuya before looked like he was at a funeral? These guys behind Isuzu need to get a room. Swimming really does bring out the full spectrum of human emotion, doesn't it? Haha, it's like Rin went out of his way to find the most godawful t-shirt in the world. I…

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