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Forever Knight love from Screen Rant

HBO recently wrapped "The Outsider" a 10 part miniseries of a Stephen King novel of the same same. I haven't seen it mainly because I don't have HBO but Screen Rant recently posted a listing of the 10 Supernatural Crime Series to Watch if you like The Outsider. It's a really…

My Yuletide nominations

UPDATE I have nominated Forever Knight with the following characters: - Nick Knight - Lucien LaCroix - Don Schanke - Javier Vachon One is only allowed to nominate four characters. So if there are others you feel should be in the tag set ( e.g., Natalie, Janette, Tracy, Urs, Screed, Grace,…

Yuletide FK Nominations

It's that time of year again! Yuletide nominations have started and, as usual, I plan to nominate, request, and offer Forever Knight. If anyone else is planning on nominating FK? If so, perhaps we could get together in order to ensure that we don't put in duplicate characters. One only gets four…

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