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forever knight

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Fandom Snowflake 2021 #5

What to promote? What to promote? Well, I've loved Forever Knight for years: it's my oldest active fandom. It's a TV series about an angsty vampire working as a homicide detective to expiate his feelings of guilt. FK ran for three seasons in the 90s, first as a late-night show after the…

Yuletide nominations - 2020

I've just put in my nominations for the yuletide gift exchange: Forever Knight, Mary Renault's The Charioteer, and the old British comedy cop show, New Tricks. I feared that last year would be the end of FK's eligibility. In fact, we now stand at 976 fic spread over AO3 and FF.net, which…

Sunshine Challenge 2020 - Prompt 5 (Turquoise) & Website Updates

To me, turquoise is a cool, fresh hue that reminds me of water and the tiles you find in bathrooms and swimming pools. However, if you say "tiles" to any Forever Knight fan, they will immediately think of Natalie's office in the Coroners Building in Toronto. The exterior views were filmed on…

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