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forever knight

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Guess who got some lovin' at NYMag's pop culture site?

I'm a regular reader of New York Magazine's collection of sites. This week, Vulture, the pop culture and media criticism site, started vampire week. Today, a certain vampire show made it to the main page with an article filled with love and nostalgia. It's fun read that…

Sunshine Challenge 2021 - Prompt 4 (the Furies)

Prompt 4: the Furies The Furies, also known as the Erinyes, are a trio of vengeance deities whose immortal task is to hear complaints of insolence from mortals—and to punish those crimes by hounding the culprits relentlessly. They are said to focus on punishment for lying, killing, or sinning…

Sunshine Challenge 2021 - Prompt 3 (Hecate)

Prompt 3: Hecate Otherworldly and mysterious, Hecate is best known for her association with magic, ghosts, and the night. If you hear the baying of hounds in the dark, she's likely near as they were ever at her side. She is traditionally depicted as bearing two torches to light her way or as a…

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