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Links (Part 2)

Design: How Ikea’s Assembly Instructions Champion Universal Design - https://magenta.as/how-ikeas-assembly-instructions-champion-universal-design-fe2710ab5c36 Language: Why Do Canadians Say ‘Eh’? - The story behind Canada’s most distinctive verbal tic. -…


Language: 5 Russian words that explain Vladimir Putin - To understand the man, you need some Russian (and history) lessons. - https://www.politico.eu/article/five-russian-words-that-explain-vladimir-putin-in-2017/ Maths: Was 2016 especially dangerous for celebrities? An empirical analysis. -…


Actors: A truly fantastic Roger Moore story - http://suitep.tumblr.com/post/160997799850/if-you-need-a-lovely-story-to-make-you-feel-better History: A Sportscaster's Secret Mission To Save Jewish Family At The 'Nazi' Olympics -…

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