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Friday Five — self-care et al.

What have you done lately for improving or maintaining your mental health? What more would you like to do? I have been getting outside and moving almost every day — running, walking, biking — most days for an hour or more. I'm lucky to have that time to do it, and it feels good to move, get…

A bunch of changes

Well. I got my blood tested, and both my insulin resistance and my cholesterol are a little high. I was already planning on seeing the endocrinologist and the cardiologist, so nothing changed on those fronts. However, I wasn't happy about the cholesterol, since I already eat a mostly vegetable and…

Sunday Kitchen Things [food, mostly]

I made it over to the grocery co-op Saturday evening in spite of everything. For some reason I bought sorbet, gelato, raspberry cider, and rhubarb-apple soda. I guess being exhausted made me crave sweet, fruity things. I also finally resolved a household issue. A couple of months ago, the grocery…

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