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Two shots from my terrace... it's starting to get colours... before it's invaded by marigold orange.. .

Ну и раз уж речь зашла о котах Жрать не стала, чем несказанно меня удивила. Просто сидела и нюхала. И неоднократно возвращалась, и еще нюхала. Гвоздички из семян. Надо будет по осени рассадить, и будет еще больше гвоздичек.

Dehydrators are a marvel

I've been really enjoying my part-time job helping a lady who makes soap, lotions, candles and such. We were sorting bins of dried "floof" (assorted plant parts, ribbons and things) that she embeds in candles and she paused to go stir little piles of rose petals drying in her kitchen on paper…

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