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Seriously when was the last time I posted? O-O Anyways! Mother of Eevees in New Jersey here as that’s what my man calls me! X’D Since I can’t remember exactly when the last time I posted I’m just going to share my collection of mostly what I have so far of my Eevee babies! Some you can’t see in the…

Sales Post- Last Before Fanime Swap Meet

Hi everyone. next week I head off to Fanime and will be selling most of these items there at the swap meet. If you have been eyeing something, now is the time to grab it before its gone. : ) Also if you want to pick up something from Fanime we can totally do that. Please click here to be taken to…

Fanime Swap Meet Sales!

Hey all~ I've signed up for Fanime Swap Meet next week for Friday night so if anyone is planning on going and would like to do pickups from my sales to save on shipping, you're most certainly welcome :) All in all I do plan to bring a lot (mostly plush) but not all of the things on my sales, plus…

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