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spicy fish cakes

I can't really say that I followed this mini fish cake recipe. Check out all the modifications I had to do: - Aquafaba mayo because I just threw away my plain yogurt - Rice Chex instead of panko breadcrumbs to keep it gluten-free - Bone-in, skin-on sardines - Creole seasoning instead of…

more sherried sardines toast

Alright, here's serving number 2 of sardines for this week. I only have 2 more cans, and they are a different brand than I've been eating. One is packed in water, and one is packed in olive oil (like the ones I've already eaten); they're both boneless and skinless, which for some…

sherried sardine toast

(A little annoyed about this picture because I didn't realize when I took it that the sardines looked so similar to the countertop.) I have been dealing with chronic dry eye for almost 3 years, which I am pretty sure was caused by Mirena (add that to the list) -- except that I've been…

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