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O little post of picspammage

Okay, so I have pictures! Some of them are Not Very Good because I took them and my hands shake so sorry about that. I think Marie took all the decent ones. Anyway. Let's start with this year's Christmas Challenge, as provided by Wilkinson's. It's ribbed, for your pleasure: As…

My good boy

I realise you're probably getting tired of sad posts from me but I can't let the loss of such a good friend go unacknowleged. We lost Daryl today, and he will be much missed. He was a good age and not at all ready to leave us, but he had an eye infection that spread and though we did our…

Bobble on, little dude

Today we said goodbye to a very special fish. Thor was a glorious weirdo and we will miss him very much. He was a brilliantly bobble-eyed, flappy-finned black moor. He had wonderful bronze bits around his nose and gills, and was made of such dense stuff that when he bumped into you, you felt…

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