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Наглый акт возмутительного пиратства

Один художник (вполне известный) нарисовал для одного кабака в Ванкувере картинки к меню. И выложил их на девиант. И я их оттуда подрезал. Потом художник их со своего девианта убрал - но что в интернеты упало, то пропало. В смысле, принадлежит народу. Нет, если автор попросит убрать - я,…

The Special Hell

Title: The Special Hell Title: Firefly Characters/Pairing: Malcolm Reynolds/Saffron Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 188 Summary: Mal knows he's going to the special hell but he just doesn't care. A/N: written for a prompt at still_grrr He had never been married. Truth be told he'd…

Further Proof that Firefly was just the best show ever

Last night, hanging out at Sullivans with a group of friends, we got on the topic of sci-fi shows. We progressed from Star Wars, talked about the new Star Trek movie (currently in production), and that led to me asking the guys if they knew Firefly. "Fuck yea" was Ale's reply. So we got into this…

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